Sağlık Turizmi İçin Giyilebilirler: Perspektifler ve Model Önerisi / Wearables for Health Tourism: Perspectives and Model Suggestion


INTRODUCTION: Internet of Things (IoT) has been taking wide place in our daily lives. Among different solution ways in terms of IoT, wearables take a remarkable role because of their compact structures and the mobility. By using wearables, it is very easy to sense a person’s movements and gather characteristic data, which may be processed for desired outcomes if intelligent inferencing. As associated with this, wearables can be effectively used for health tourism operations. As wearables already proved their capabilities for healthcare-oriented applications, the perspective may be directed to health tourism purposes. In this way, positive contributions may be done in the context of not only patients’ well-being but also other actors such as health staff and tourism agencies.

OBJECTIVES: Objective of this paper is to evaluate the potential of wearables in health tourism applications, provide a model suggestion, and evaluate it in the view of different actors enrolling in health tourism ecosystems. Within this objective, research targets were directed to the usage ways of wearables in health tourism, ensuring model structures as meeting with the digital transformation advantages, and gather some findings thanks to feedback by patients, health staff, and agencies.

METHODS: The research firstly included some views on what is health tourism, how the IoT, mobile solutions as well as wearables may be included in the ecosystem. Following to that, the research ensured a model suggestion considering wearables and their connections to health tourism actors. Finally, the potentials of wearables and the model suggestion was evaluated by gathering feedback from potential / active health tourists, health staff, and agency staff.

RESULTS: The research revealed that the recent advancements in wearables and the role of digital transformation affects health tourism. In this context, there is a great potential to track and manage states of all actors in a health tourism eco system. Thanks to data processing and digital systems, it is effective to rise fast and practical software applications for health tourism. In detail, this may be structured in a model where typical IoT and wearable interactions can be connected to sensors, databases, and the related users. According to the surveys done with potential / active health tourists, health staff, and agency staff, such a model has great effect to advance the health tourism.

CONCLUSION: The research study shows positive perspectives for both present and future potentials of wearable and health tourism relation. It is remarkable that rapid advancements in IoT can trigger health tourism and the future of health tourism may be established over advanced applications including data and user-oriented relations.

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