Sağlık Profesyonellerinin Sağlık Turizmi Farkındalığı: Genel Perspektif ve Dijital Dönüşüme İlişkin Görüşler / Health Tourism Awareness of Health Professionals : Views on General Perspective and Digital Transformation

As in every sector, employees contribute to health tourism. Since the subject is health, the approach of health professionals should be positive and their knowledge should be sufficient. It is important when the general awareness is thought and it was connected with the latest trends including even digital transformation. So, the connection among health professionals and the most recent factors regarding awareness should be examined by evaluating accordingly feedback from the area. This research addresses the main theme of health tourism awareness of health professionals and aims to illuminate the perspectives of employees on digital transformation in this dynamic field. The findings illustrate the enrichment of important intersections between health professionals and the expanding field of health tourism.

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