SAĞLIK TURİZMİNDE VERİ MADENCİLİĞİ / Health Tourism with Data Mining: Present State and Future Potentials

Yüksek Lisans tez çalışmam kapsamında gerçekleştirdiğim araştırmalara ilişkin olarak, Sağlık Turizmi uygulamalarında Veri Madenciliği uygulama potansiyellerine değinen makalemiz yayınlandı:

Abstract: Health Tourism is a trendy interest area as it allows individuals to travel another country for receiving health services while experiencing touristic opportunities. There are many benefits of health tourism in terms of costs, services, and experiences. By combining both health and tourism area, it welcomes many research directions in not only healthcare and tourism but also marketing and business management. Among these the area of Health Tourism is intensively connected with digital solutions since it is important to reach out individuals in different countries and enabling them to decide and come to the host country for receiving services. So, the data is very important for establishing innovative Health Tourism applications. However, one question arising is about how to analyze, process and use the data effectively within the purposes of such applications. This paper tries to answer this question from the perspective of Data Mining. As the Data Mining allows creating descriptive and predictive new knowledge from the known data, its use in digital Health Tourism applications has a remarkable value. In this context, this paper firstly ensures the connection between Health Tourism and Data Mining, and then discusses about present state as well as the future. It is believed that the outcomes from this paper will be a triggering factor for further research in Data Mining, which is currently a niche application way in Health Tourism.

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